Originally born in Hungary, Cute Cutz founder Melinda Guban moved to Ireland in 2005.

Taking up the craft of professional dog grooming in 2007, Melinda was able to hone her craft and skills to then be able to then open her own professional dog grooming salon, Cute Cutz in 2015.

Growing from strength to strength, Cute Cutz has since grown to employ four full-time staff – some of whom are Certified Canine Responders, and have won prestigious grooming awards, both at the national and international level.

Today, Cute Cutz provide dog grooming services as well as professional grooming courses for those looking to learn and refine the craft of professional dog grooming.

In partnership with her husband Peter, Melinda now also runs Cute Cutz’s sister company – a successful e-commerce store – providing specially-curated dog grooming tools and equipment for beginners and professionals alike.

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Meet the Cute Cutz Team

Melinda Guban MCG
Founder/Lead groomer

Junior Groomer

Assistant Groomer/ Costumer relations

About Our Founder – Melinda Guban

As someone with a passion for animals, going back as far as when she was just a little girl, Melinda’s choice of schools reflected this love – from a high school with a special class designed for those who wanted to become veterinarians and zoologists, to a university with an extra faculty of ‘Dog Breeding’.

Melinda first got her first own dog at 14 years of age, and soon after started to show at breed shows (Rough Collie, English Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer, Borzoi and Whippet).

Despite taking up various positions involved in agriculture and web design, Melinda continued with her love of dog shows. After choosing a Miniature Schnauzer as a pet with her husband, Melinda learned how to groom her dog professionally to prepare for conformation shows.

Around this same time, Melinda took up an offer to become a groomer at the local Veterinary clinic. This experience only further inspired Melinda, leading her to finally setup her own dog grooming business with her own style in 2015.

As a self-confessed ‘permanent student’, Melinda also continuously attended seminars and webinars to further refine her skills, learning from the very best professional groomers to enable her to enter dog grooming competitions as a competitor.

In 2021, after finishing the level 4 and level 5 grooming course with the Open College Network, Melinda become a ‘Master Craftsman Groomer’ – the highest grooming qualification achievable in Ireland.

“At Cute Cutz, we provide only the best products and services that we know our customers will benefit from. Everything that we supply has been tried and tested first-hand by our very own expert team, and we make sure that the customer, and their dog, always come first!”

Melinda Guban

Founder, Cute Cutz

Professional Achievements

  • ­2020: Melinda placed 1st at the County Grooming Championship with her own dog in the open Asian class. As well as this, she placed 2nd for best transformation in the Model Dog Head Class (new class on dog grooming competition).
  • 2020: Placed 1st in the Open Asian Scissoring Class and 2nd in the Asian Clipped Champion Class at ‘Madra Mania’ – organised by the Irish Professional Groomers Association.
  • 2021: Placed 2nd in the International Class at the ‘Wolly Model Doghead Competition’. As well as that, Melinda’s model dog head earned her a special price from Gabriela Jedrzejczyk (Centrum Grumingu).
  • 2021: Placed 1st in the Model Dog category at the ‘Master International Grooming Competition’.
  • 2022: Placed 1st in the Open Pure Bred Scissoring Class at ‘Groomers Got Talent’.
  • 2022 NI Grooming Challenge Open Poodle Class 3rd Place
  • 2022 ‘Madra Mania’ Pure Bred Model Class 2nd Place – organised by the Irish Professional Groomers Association.
  • 2022 III. ‘OhMyDog’ Online Grooming Competition Champion Class 3rd Place
  • 2023: Placed 1st in the Asian Champion Class at ‘Groomers Got Talent’.
  • 2023: “Madra Mania” Poodle Open Scissor Class 1st Place, Best Open Scissor Award, Clipped Open Class 2nd Place, Pure Bred Model Class 1st Place – organised by the Irish Professional Groomers Association.


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Cute Cutz was recommended to us for our bichon. Could not be happier with groom and treatment. Girls were so kind and gentle had no hesitation in leaving him there. Melinda brought him out to the car after and he was so chilled out and relaxed. Beautiful cut

Hazel Norris / Facebook
Cute Cutz was recommended to me I have a little Yorkie he has been twice since I have had him , My Benny Bob looks fantastic afterward and he knows it,
You won’t be disappointed
Teeney Dempsey / Facebook

Melinda is fantastic. She does a nice, fast, accurate and perfect job.

Gyözö Horváth / Facebook