RXM Relaxing Restructuring Intense Treatment

RXM Relaxing Intense Restructuring Treatment  provides the ultimate relaxing with the gentle massage, following a tranquil and nourishing bath. The perfect product to spoil your pup with.

Premium & Simple Ingredients – 100% Natural – With cedar extract, avocado oil, mallow and aloe vera. It is the best way to restore, nourish and hydrate the coat of your pooch making their hair healthy, shiny and restored without weigh it down, increasing the smoothing effect and giving a pleasant fragrance.

Results will be excellent from the very first application making the hair nourished, easy to comb and bright.

Primarily recommended for all dog and breeds with long or semi-long hair, for damaged, frizzy or difficult to handle coats.

For the preparation of the coat for Dog Shows

For the following dog breeds: Maltese, Shih-tzu, Yorkshire, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian, Schnauzer, Pekingese, Afghan Hound, Bichon Havanais.

RXM Exfoliating And Purifying Scrub

RXM Relaxing Srub is a luxury spa product provides the ultimate relaxing with the gentle massage, following a tranquil and nourishing bath. The perfect product to spoil your pup with.

Premium & Simple Ingredients – 100% Natural – beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, apricot oil, vitamin E and C, all make this product extremely effective. With gentle exfoliation that re-oxygenates the skin, illuminates and re-vitalises the hair by removing the impurities trapped by the essential oils.

Excellent results are visible even from the first treatments on the treated dog or cat, both on the skin that will be exfoliated, purified, regenerated and soothed and on the hair that will be lightened and exfoliated.

Soothing oils and repairing extracts ensure a nourishing, soothing, dermo-purifying, regenerative power and a powerful anti-oxidant action

Recommended for all double coated breeds who is shedding, to remove the impurities and the excess hair.

RXM Relaxing Spa Treatment for dogs with sensitive skin

RXM Treatment is a luxury spa product to provide the ultimate relaxing, tranquil and nourishing bath. The perfect product to spoil your pup with. Luxurious Spa Formula that Cleans, Soothes, & Softens Skin & Coat. The treatment will immediately transform your dog’s temperament and the environment around them into one of tranquillity and calmness. Stress will melt away!

Premium & Simple Ingredients – 100% Natural – with essential oils and vegetable ingredients provides extra nourishing, conditioning and soothing the skin and has a powerful anti-oxidant action. The Treatment gives structure, elasticity, brilliance, manageability and restores the physiological pH of the skin.

Noticeable Results – Excellent results are visible even after the first treatment. The dog’s coat with look shinier and smoother with their skin feeling nourished and hydrated for days to come.

Particularly Recommended on dogs and cats that have itching, allergies, dandruff, dermatitis to repair and fortify the skin and strengthen the hair.

Degreasing Treatment

A truly remarkable all natural formula great for safely removing ear wax, dried food, crust from ears, chins, and whiskers. Removes tar and gum, sebaceous oil, excess ear medication, yeast build up and “stud tail”.

Moisturizing and Deep Conditioning Treatment with Aloe Vera

Perfect for dull, lifeless coats. This treatment will keep your dog’s coat soft, shiny, and super clean with the finest environmentally friendly ingredients that soothe and protect. Suitable for all coat types with the exception of heavy double coated shedding breeds and pooches with  curly coats.

Whitening treatment

This treatment is intended for dogs with dull white coats. It includes a whitening (non-bleach) shampoo and a rich conditioning treatment to intensify your pooch’s coat colour. Does not stain the outer layer of the hair surface, thus allowing passage of light through the translucent hair surface to amplify gloss and colour.

Deluxe Pawdicure

This package includes a Paw and Pad treatment in the bath – a gentle deep cleansing massage with a brilliant combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a calm revitalizing paw treatment. Nail Filing and a relaxing paw massage with a specialty Paw balm at the end of the groom. This soothing pawdicure will leave paws feeling totally refreshed.