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Mr. Jiang Toy poodle lamb clip model dog with 3 black full body hair

Original price was: € 124.10.Current price is: € 111.69. Excluding VAT

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Teddy-bear Model Dog Mannequin & Head Hair Combo (grey and white)

 32.00 Excluding VAT

Experiencing Challenges as a grooming enthusiast or professional?
Improving Scissoring Skills: Finding the perfect medium to refine your grooming techniques can be a hurdle.
Time Constraints: Maximising training time without the hassle of managing a live dog.
Creative Expression: A desire to experiment with styles and colours without limitations.
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Mac Tire Grain Free Lamb, Sweet Potato, Mint Small Breed Dog Food

 12.70 34.90 Excluding VAT

Nourish Your Furry Companion with Nature’s Best
At Mac Tire, we understand your concerns for your small breed dog’s health and well-being. That’s why we’ve crafted a grain-free formula that targets common issues such as skin irritation, poor digestion, and lack of energy. Provide your beloved pet with a diet that’s as close to nature as possible for health, energy, and happiness.
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Mac Tire Grain Free Angus Beef with Sweet Potato & Carrot Nutrition Rich Dog Food

 12.85 33.20 Excluding VAT

Healthy Nutrition for Your Beloved Dog Our food addresses common issues like food sensitivities, digestive troubles, and poor coat condition. Tailored for adult dogs, it ensures a balanced diet packed with quality ingredients for your dog’s overall well-being. Healthy, Happy Dogs Choose Mac Tire!

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Mac Tire 65% Angus Beef Superfood Dog Food Small Breed

 14.50 40.00 Excluding VAT

The “Mac Tire 65% Beef Superfood” is a premium dog food designed to address common health concerns of pet owners. It’s crafted with 65% beef, freshly prepared raw meat, and a blend of superfoods like carrots, green beans, cauliflower, tomatoes, and courgettes. These ingredients are chosen for their nutritional benefits, ensuring a balanced diet for dogs.
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Mac Tire 65% Free Range Turkey Superfood Small Breed

 13.00 35.00 Excluding VAT

Mac Tire, we understand the unique challenges small breed dogs face. Their fast metabolism, sensitive digestion, and need for lean muscle support are at the heart of our Superfood 65% formula

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Mac Tire Grain Free 80% Fish Treat

 2.70 Excluding VAT

Your pet deserves the best. With Mac Tire Grain-free 80% Fish Treats, you’re not just offering a treat; you’re enhancing their health and vitality.

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